Grants: Dr. Carlsen awarded Government of Ontario Early Researcher Award (ERA)


Dr. Tony Carlsen was recently awarded an Early Researcher Award (ERA) from the Government of Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. ThisĀ grant is intendedĀ help prominent young researchers build exceptional research teams by providing funding to enable increased recruitment of students, research fellows, technicians and assistants.

Dr. Carlsen’s research project, entitled “Investigating distributed neural contributions to voluntary goal-directed action” is designed to uncover some of the neural underpinnings of movement preparation and execution, both in healthy individuals as well as in motor disordered populations.

While many movements are thought to be primarily driven by primary motor cortex, some recent research suggests that other brain areas may play a crucial role depending on the functional and/or anatomical demands of the task. The planned research in this project will investigate the contribution of various distributed neural networks to voluntary action in humans. Neural stimulation techniques as well as frequency domain electrophysiological analysis will be used to determine the brain areas involved in the production of movements. Once identified, these regions can be targeted for learning and/or rehabilitation interventions.

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