Dr. Carlsen’s research featured on NSERC website

Tony Carlsen’s research was the focus of an “Impact story” featured on the NSERC website:


“In the tense moments before the start of a race, as runners prepare to explode from their blocks, there is a split-second difference between victory and elimination. If an athlete launches from the blocks before a race’s official start it is assumed they are trying to get a jump on the competition, due to the belief that people cannot react that fast to sound. However, research by University of Ottawa’s Tony Carlsen points to a hyper-stimulated brain as the likely culprit. His findings suggest false starts may have more to do with athletes’ ultra preparation and acute attention than ulterior motives…”

Read more on the NSERC Website here: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Media-Media/ImpactStory-ArticlesPercutant_eng.asp?ID=1082


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